How to study Econ???

It’s that dreaded time again, to review Econ… I feel as though I’ve forgotten a lot of the material because it’s been some time since I read over it. The volume is just overwhelming to go through again, especially this late in the game. Anyone have any ideas on how to best spend my time reviewing Econ? Is Qbank even effective for this subject or should I try and stick with CFAI book questions? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated…

I would read through the Secret Sauce to gain an overview and refresher on each topic - then have a go at the QBank. When you come across questions you are finding really difficult, review the topic again. I think thats the best way.

I’m just finishing up Econ review…it was fairly painful. I went back and looked at every chart + caption in the CFAI text, and read through the text that I highlighted the first time through. Now I’m doing QBank. I understand it all, but it’s extremely difficult to retain so much information on the topic, so I’m not feeling very confident.

I recently went over the Qbank LOS explanations. I first attempt to explain the LOS, then read the schweser explanation for more details. And do the qbank questions. I did all the CFA questions (didn’t do them the first time through), but they are pretty simple

im terrible at macro in qbank. scores are less than 55%. the other day i read the schweser notes again on the macro section (i cant remember which SS it was though), but it helped me pick up my scores ni that area.