How to study GIPS:

Does anybody have any insight on how to study GIPS? I saw that Finquiz has a “cheat sheet” that would probably be helpful. Here are some of my thoughts:

I know that everyone says not to “skim” GIPS. But how much of it will really be on the test? Maybe 2% of the exam? If that’s the case, maybe I should just “skim” it? It seems like a lot of studying for a relatively small portion of the exam. (If you’re like me, there’s a max that your brain can hold, and it seems like you don’t want to waste precious hard drive space on GIPS.)

Right now, I plan on skipping GIPS, and just covering it a couple weeks before the exam. Of course I’ll use my Schweser material and the EOC questions, but I don’t plan on spending a lot of time on it other than that.

Any suggestions?

GIPS is one study session, so weight your study time accordingly. I recommend you do it toward the end of your studies because a lot of it is memorization. Plan to cover Asset Manager Code around the same time – both are equally boring.

Good idea to make a couple page summary of key components / key dates / key updates of GIPS asap and read through it once per week (might take 15 minutes max).

There is no logic to GIPS so unless you’ve got a photographic memory, GIPS is hard to memorize… Spend a bit of time on it now, make some concise notes and then spend 15min per week cementing it into your head for the next 7 months and GIPS will be easy marks for you on exam day!

@ddrobinett: Could you share your finquiz cheat sheet or a link to download it plz? Thank you

The diagrams seem to make some kind of method out of the madness that is in the official curriculum and Schweser notes.

agree, wait until April/May for GIPS

learn SS 4 &5 inside and out right now…

thank you.