How to Study/Prepare for Level 2


Recently completed the December 2012 Level I CFA examination, I had school during the time and had 3 months to study, I relied SOLELY on Scwheser Kaplan notes from the previous Year (2011 version). I found the actual exam a bit of a shocker and there were things on there which I definetely did not encounter during the study notes.

My question is, how do you prepare for Level 2? I don’t want to solely rely on Schweser notes since solely relying on it during level 1 proven not enough.


I actually found the cfa institute suggestion of 250 hours to 300 right about there for L1. Double that for L2 and you are in good shape. There are long standing debate about using the curriculum vs study supplements. I side with reading the curriculumn but some would say I’m a fool! Best of luck, put the time in and study hard.

Don’t have the experience yet, but I’d say reading schweser twice is probably more useful than suffering through cfai once

Agreed. I used Schweser exclusively for Levels 1 and 2, and so far, 3.

I did use CFAI for EOC questions.