How to switch positions/roles internally - how persistent can I be?

Ok - so I saw this position in my company that I am really dying to do (and it is not even an open role, but just saw the position description through other people who have this role on our network directory. I have switched positions before (once) internally and know all the normal tactics such as networking, talking to people, and having people back you up to push yourself into the new role. The last time I saw an open position and pulled some corporate politics to switch divisions by working with the connections I had. I’m on good terms with the #2 guy at my company and was exchanging emails with him about the role early this morning, and he offered to help me out however possible, so I sent him my resume and he forwarded to the head of the group I was looking at. He has really strong pull at my company, but will be retiring Oct. 1st. Question is - how persistent can I be with expressing my interest in this role? This is more of a jump than before and I am not sure of any open positions (does not mean that they will not put in the transfer). It looks like the group is about 90+ people or so with 1 head guy who reports to the CFO (who has my resume now), 8 direct reports mgrs, 8 mgrs for each of those 8, then non-mgrs under. (I would not be a people-manager) I am thinking about just starting conversations with people in the group, maybe some of the non-manager types and keep my ear to the road without pressing too hard. But the fact is I really want to switch to this position as soon as I can as it looks awesome, but don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and ruin chances at switching for good. Maybe if I just start a relationship with the people in the group they will keep me in the loop of anything going on, and possible options.

You need to back off for now and let your connection do his thing. I can’t hurt to try to get to know a few folks in that group., but be careful about going around him to the senior managers.

im no expert, but maybe email one of the guys in the group and go buy him a coffee? Make yourself as visible as possible?

got an internal phone interview next week with with the mgr and she has her CFA charter - pretty excited