How to tackle ethics in Level 2

I hear a lot of people saying ethics has a high required effort to reward ratio and some saying its the most important part and if you are a marginal pass, the CFAI will pass/fail based on your ethics score.

Then I see that the Codes and Standards are the same from Level 1 with some new extra topics.

Should I spend the majority of my time in the extra topics? I just plan to just do practice question for the level 1 stuff.

I read the whole Ethics part in CFAI and for each of the Standards of Professional Conduct, I wrote down all the “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. As far as Research Obectivity Standards are concerned, I differentiated all “recommended procedures” vs. the “required” ones. Now I am able to answer almost all questions correctly because in the end, most scenarios are covered very well in the curriculum. Everyone has its own method but that works great for me.

Im doing practice question for Reading 2, been getting 90%

i spent lots of time on ethics in level 1 so it must be helping

how did you guys do on the case (Erik Breiksen) questions 47 - 52 of the EOC for reading 2?

In level 1, spending time in ethics and even studying it right before the exam was worth it cause the other topics (FRA/CF/Equity/Derivative) were easier in level 1 comapred to the same topics in level 2. Does that mean I should focus more time on the other topics than ethics this time?

did anyone get tired of all the bullshit from the soft dollar chapter? I could have summarised the whole topic in 5 lines and they are repeating the same statements again and again