how to tackle fixed income

Hi guys just about to start fixed income and never looked at it before. will schweser be enough or should i use CFAi texts? the questions in CFAi are very(too?) detailed. cheers

A really important subject that if you don’t get now, you will have to completely know through LII and LIII. Might as well bite the bullet.

Yeah, there are a lot of sections in the CFA texts that say “we will discuss this further in Level II and III”

You don’t have an option. The CFAI texts. You’ll be stunned by the amount Schweser leaves out. I’m getting done with CFA texts after a week now. With Schweser it would have taken me 2 days. That’s the difference. And trust me you’ll love FI after that…I do. It ALL makes sense. Cheers, Nash

When you say Schweser leaves out, do you mean they don’t teach you from scratch?

Schweser is fine. Use Schweser, then if you don’t understand something or you find yourself getting low marks on questions, try using CFAI for that bit.

What about for FSA? Since it’s such an important part of the exam… should you read the CFA text? Schweser? both?

thanks chrismaths. i think thats a good strategy