How to unleash a Data Set

People! I have got into this bad habit of looking at the question first and then finding the relevant information to solve it from the paragraph. CFA exam body also pushed me to do that as my last year’s experience tells me that in most of the sets, you get the questions even in the same order of paragraphs in the set. However, i am feeling a bit shaky if this is the right habit, or is it just the same scary monster that haunts you with all the pasimism during last days’ preparation. Waqas

I guess the correct thing to do is read the question, the make sure you read the WHOLE vignette when looking for info. I got a couple wrong by missing a comment at the start of the vignette (buried in the paragraph when they say John Doe is a CFA member working for blah blah) that was relevant to the question (eg: the firm complies with recommended standards), so I’m going to make sure I read those! But question first is still the way to go for me, otherwise I forget half the details when I get to the bottom of the vignette.

Ok, this is just the moral support i required. Thanks.

I used to read the entire vignette first but I have switched this week after taking the CFAI exams. The questions seem to flow sequentially with the vignette paragraphs. Granted, I still scan the remaining vignette before I jot down what I think the answer is to the first couple questions…just to make sure there aren’t other relevant details pertaining to them that come later.

Question first, then search the vignette for the required information. After answering all 6, I read the vignette to see if I missed something. My experience is that the reading part afterwards doesn’t correct many questions, it’s quite straightforward.

I did all CFAI Sample exam and CFAI mock1. It seems to me that most of the time questions are not related to each other and are in the same order as the paragraph. So my strategy will be read, answer, read, answer… (except competitive strategry)

I just read the questions , vignettes are such a waste of time.