How to use Qbank

Hello guys ! Just got my Qbank today… It seems quite nice as one can customize it and arrange the questions… but now the problem is how to use it effectively… Because my plan is to finish all FSA first which i am about to do soon… I start on Next SS and mean while give me one week so i give the FSA a good repetition and revision… And then as I go through all the FSA again I start with Qbank and keep doing it all the way… Same with other Study Sessions Any more options what you found useful ?

I just asked this question. Read the responses:,1041515

Here’s what I do. After reviewing each reading, I go to “browse LOS” and take all the quizzes for that reading. Then, at the the end of each SS, I take a 120 printed/cumulative question exam (timed and taken without interruption). For example, my first 120 question exam includes only SS 1, and my second 120 test includes SS 1 and 2. I keep adding SSs at the end of each week until I’m taking 120 question tests that covers all 18 SSs. At that point, I switch to the comprehensive mock exams. Save all your printed exams and review the ones you missed and the ones you got right, but guessed at (circle those). If you do this, you will be ready on December 5th.

perfect plan soverby… Tks

Got a question. When we are creating new exam in qbank, theres this option that say “Include previously answered questions”. Do this questions refer to any questions you took anywhere in qbank (e.g. after each LOS) or only those you took when creating new exam? Thanks.

use it intermittently during your studies and you’ll thank yourself later…