How to use Schweser Notes effectively?


I have used the Schweser notes instead of the CFA curiculum for both level 1 and 2. I just ordered level 3 and wanted to check analyst forum opinion as to whether this strategy will work for level 3.

Typically, I can get through the body of knowledge faster and spend more time mastering important areas and preparing for the actual exam. Studying for level 2 was BRUTAL as I absolutely tortured myself, but I found the test to not be that hard.

Would be interested in applicable perspectives.


Seems like you should keep doing what you’ve been doing.

It’s true what they say that schweser gets worse with each level but if you’ve used schweser up until now and been successful, then keep doing it.

i did the same for levels 2 and 3, used schweser to read through the material but had CFAI open at the same page throughout so if I had to look at something in more detail I could, or if something wasn’t clear from Schweser I could look at the CFAI text. other than that i only used CFAI for the BBs and EOCs.

That is my instinct. But I am always one to seek wise words too.

I hear alot of critical comments about Schweser so I feel I need to at least be on the lookout for weaknesses in it’s program.

Schweser Notes are good!

Well you can try EduPristine. I’m impressed. They had good quality videos. And the mind-maps/Formula charts are really helpful.

Practice & continuous reading helps!

Practice helps, but the question is how to use schweser effectively. I see you are a level 1 candidate amd for level 1 schweser is more than enough to pass. Level 2 Elan is way better than schweser For level 3 I dont know because its my first time writing the exam and I will share mu thoughts when I use a strategy and have test results to back it up with. Please stop invading level 3 forum and start cracking qbank questions.

It ain’t rocket science. Read the pages and retain information.

I used Schweser for all three. Only caution is for the morning sections, take the practice test scorings with a grain of salt. They are trying to cover all material, not be realistic. By definition the CFAI practice tests are more realistic about what you can expect.