How to use the day most effectively?

It seems, already running out of time. Wondering, how to use the day to get the most out of it? I have taken off from the work and studying full time, but still the output seems less.

Plan to take 2 subjects a day. Harder ones in mornings and ligher from late afternoon. I find the usual worktime to be the best to study.

Usually 2.5 hours at a stretch are the most for me, and then need 90 minutes breaks at least.

Any suggestions?

I studied a lot for Level II, in somedays I did 12 hours in one day, however I think it would be more optimal if you study 1hr intervals and rest 15 mins. The only 2.5 hours is wearing you out so bad you are needing a long break. I personally lose focus so also there is much more value to each hour of studying if they are done one hours at a time.

I kept a log of my hours, I stuck to one topic at a time, I drank lots of caffine, i turned off my phones when i studied, i studied at a desk cause it was more focused, leave ethics till last, dont lie to youself and restudy topics you know well to avoid doing those you hate,

what was it, twenty thousand people passed this test last year ? they are not smarter than you… so many people fail cause they dont put enough effort, if you are of avg smarts, put a decent effort and you will likely pass…

Make sure you are very strong on FINRA, CORP FIN, EQUITY, and FI. There is a ton of overlap on these so you will be either prepared for these topics or not. FINRA is your base for the other three. Aside from that make sure to practice ETHICS. IF you pass those 5 things you are just about guaranteed to pass.

I wonder why FI is so important? It is given the same weight by the CFAI website for the same as several other topics.

I guess thats where the concept of weight “range” comes in…it is generally assumed that FI will be given higher weightage( higher end of the range) on the exam than areas like Eco or Quant or AI…And as some one said, as its unlikely that we would have all the time to prepare all areas extremely well, its better to focus on the heavy weights (FSA, Equity, Corp Fin, FI, Derivatives) more!!