How to watch Stalla 2011 Videos?

I bought the Stalla L2 Videos last year, and ended up postponing the exam for personal reasons.

As I am preparing for the exam this year, I am trying to see the videos now, and it will not allow me… license expired. Does anyone know how I can see them. I did pay for them, and it really bothers me not to be able to see them anymore. I have the Passmaster CD, and the Lecture Video Cds, but nothing works.

Thanks for any tip or help anyone can provide.

I think you ought to change your computer date setting first to last year "before June 4th"and then play them offline . hope it works :wink:

Unfortunately that is the first thing I did and it doesn’t work. Somehow when the software starts it logs online and verifies registration. And that is where I am not able to move forward.

did anyone figure this out?

Yah. You just have to keep trying I think. The license is good until this year from what I know.

I was upset that it wouldn’t work at first, but I kept trying and sure enough it verified online.

My license is expired and can’t find a way to play the lectures.

There’s really no work around on that…