How to word my application for charter? (Just passed L3)

So much alike many of you, managed to pass the exams.

Final step - experience and charter

My experience is 3 years in management consulting (advising banks on Risk Management)

And 2 years in the banking industry (working in the stress testing division - CCAR stress tests etc.)

How can I word these experiences in a way to meet the “experience” criteria?

I’m sure its possible as others in my teams have used similar experiences to these to meet the criteria


I think #Hashtag will provide the best answer:)

Keep it simple, they want to see that you use what you learnt in the curriculum in your job. Look through the curriculum and the bits you use in your job mention them.

You should read Work Experience Self Assessment in CFA website carefully. There are some questions about your job responsibilities there. You should pick up the activities stated in those questions that match your actual activities. Then emphasize those activities in your statement about work experience. I think matching key words is important, and it helps reviewer easier to decide that your experience is relevant.