How truly representative of the test (Part 1) are the GARP/Schweser/Wiley sample papers?

I spent my weekend doing lots of practice questions from older sample papers for Book 1 and Book 2, and some question banks online from free resources such as AnalystPrep and PrepSmarter, and also questions from a local academy. All in all I must’ve done 300-400 questions.

I feel relatively OK - I can do 70-80% of the questions (most of those I get wrong are qualitative, not quantitative questions). But I am very, very afraid if this is a misguided sense of confidence.

I read this post on Quora:

How true is it? Do the GARP exam paper preparers really seek to upend everything in the real paper? Or is it still within the realm of reasonableness?

Still 3.5 months to go, so I would appreciate it if someone who HAS sat for past FRM papers, to compare the level of past year samples from GARP, Schweser and Wiley to the actual level of questions set within the test.


If you are scoring consistently good in GARP practice papers then dont worry much of it . In the exam there will be 10-15 questions which will be out of the blue but thats ok . Just make sure that you dont miss sitters in the exam and practicing such mocks no matter how hard or easy they may be really help a lot on building strong conceptual foundation . So carry on and do not worry much :slight_smile:

GARP and Schweser papers are great. If you are able to score over 70% in them or anything close to 80 then with a little more practice you can see yourself acing up the exam. Practice more and more practice papers. There are some great mock exams on prep smarter that can help and even if you find bionic turtle’s content then that is helpful as well. Practice exams not only help you develop the speed that is required during the exam but also prepares you mentally.