How useful are the CFAI online practice questions?

They seem a little easier than I expected, I’m still starting with Ethics so I have no idea if it gets more difficult.

In general, how do they compare to the Mocks, EOCs, and the real exam?

They are pulled from past mocks.

Is that true?

Yep I did the 2014 mock and every question that appeared in the mock was also in the 2015 online tests…only two that weren’t and they were subjects that have been removed this year.

I also did the 2012 mock and that also had massive repetition with regards to the current online tests.

So the online practice tests are all taken from previous years mocks, for all intents and purposes.

Useful to know.


They’re long!!! Everytime I do a new vignette, there’s always a question or two I miss because I wasn’t able to retain a concept/formula. Certain vignettes I score 2/6 that lowers my confidence, while some I score 5/6.

I feel the same way… I will crush a couple and then the next 1 or 2 will crush me… Most are worded pretty straight forward though an overall seem actually easier than the schweser practice tests…

Anyone else mind comparring them to schweser?