How useful is CFA for RE?

  1. I am finishing my MS in RE. I would like to do RE finance, maybe a development analyst. How useful is the CFA for someone like me? 2. With a MS in RE, would it be easy for me to land an analyst job without any finance experience? Thanks for any advice.

are you looking to do acquisitions for a REIT or other real estate investment company, or an analyst in a research department which covers REITS?

It really depends on a lot of factors. First, most on-the-ground, small developers haven’t even heard of the CFA exams. In fact, too much book-learning makes these types suspicious. However, if you’re looking at a more established firm, some will recognize the designation. Many won’t. I would think you’d have no problem landing a development analyst job right out of school. But don’t you have campus recruiting? Haven’t you looked into jobs yet? This is where you need to involve your career office… I still think the CFA designation is useful in real estate because an increasing number of employers are recognizing it. Also, higher level RE finance folks value it.

I would like to be a development analyst, but if not REIT is fine. But I haven’t thought about how I would like to be involved regarding REIT.

Yeah you are right. My school has many connections to development analyst positions here in Chicago. But I am planning to move to SF once I graduate, I am afraid they can’t help me as much as I would like. I am not familiar with the SF market, but I can’t stand the cold anymore!

Catellus has offices in SF and the East Bay. There is also AMB, an industrial REIT that does development. DB/RREEF is also there. Check out for real estate job listings.

Will do. Thanks.