How useful is the Mp3?

Can someone who has purchased mp3 from schweser for l2 or l1 advice a) How useful are those? b) Can you contrast that with video ? c) Would it be ok to use 2008 or 2009 mp3?

They are OK. I usually listen to them in the car. They are pretty boring, but it helps me remember the stuff i already read. I would NOT listen to them though if i had a shorter commute. I also have the videos, they are better if you don’t understand something and need clarification.

  1. I use them on my drives, when I workout and pretty soon on the subway since I’ll be commuting to Jersey City during March, ugh . I find them pretty useful to help lock in key concepts in weak areas. 2. Don’t have Schweser videos. 3. I don’t see any problem as long as you realize which topics are not relevant to the 2010 exam.

I find the MP3s a very useful supplement. They contain the same material as the Notes (nearly word-for-word) except that most of the blue examples are omitted and running examples are often made generic. I listen to a topic once or twice to and from work before reading/skimming the section and making my own notes. That way, I hear, read, and write to retain everything. Sometimes I listen to the notes while reading along with the text, pausing when I need to go back to read something again or work through an example. As has been stated before, it is exceedingly boring to listen to a text being read, so you do have to make a conscious effort to pay attention. If your mind wanders, you’ll completely miss certain parts. But having an additional input for the material that doesn’t take away from other study time is a nice luxury.

Listening to the mp3 files on your commute, at the gym etc is a great way to keep your head in the CFA zone on a regular basis, especially when job and/or family commitments intrude on your study time. I have already listened to all of the files once and am on my second run-through. With repeated listening, you will start absorbing tiny bits of information that may have escaped you while reading the notes. You will also start to get a better sense for what material you are comfortable with, and what things you need to brush up on. For example, I was listening to pensions accounting this morning, and when I had a free moment at work, I reviewed the topic. So if you are on the fence about whether to purchase the files, I suggest that you do. They are a great way to fit in some extra study time. Agree that they can put you to sleep at times, but that happens when reading the books as well.

Thanks for all the comments regarding the usefulness of the MP3s. I’m going to pull the trigger on purchasing at some point today or tomorrow. Regarding the format, has anyone ordered the MP3s which you can directly download from the site? If so, is it possible to burn them on to an MP3 CD to play in your car, etc? Has anyone tried this or know if it would work?

I bought the download version and put the files on my iPod no problem. The tagging of the files is done well too, so it was a painless process. Didn’t try to burn them onto a CD, but I assume there would be no problems there either.

I downloaded them off the Schweser site and burned them onto a CD using Nero. Works fine.

Thanks for the comments - will go with the download version.

can sell it.