How was Schweser 3PM? Was it the hardest?

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2nd easiest by my scores on them all. but it was the last one i took so i’d expect to do the better on it then the early ones.

I found the common trend for schweser questions is that some questions are severely overlapping and appear in different forms across 6 exams. I have never got a single question that asks for t-statistic calculation, variance testing or difference mean testing.

lets hope we don’t see variance testing. those equations are ugly. i’m just remembering what each one is for. if they actually make me do one… well CFAI 1 - Jut 0

My Vol.1 3 PM scores where the best too. Plus, if I see a question on t-statistics on Saturday I’ll make sure to skip that, I am not that fast in punching my poor BAII :slight_smile:

nah t’s are okay. schweser probably doesn’t include them cause they are to lazy to print the table excerpt.

Most of the tests are about equal in difficulty. Remember, you should be getting a little better with each test, so the statistics of scores on 3PM are going to be skewed higher. Also since it’s so close to game day, everyone who does 3PM wants to really do their best and may take it more seriously so most people should be scoring higher. Best of luck to you all.

I am finding book 2, the first exam to be extremely difficult. Got 70+ on book 1 exams, and just tanking book 2.

book 2 = collecting dust on my shelf.

jut111, Is there a reason you are not looking at book 2?

I ditched book two because it was disheartening and entirely too hard. Made me feel bad

i didnt bother buying book 2. glad i didnt as all the AFs (traditionally a more hardcore group!) have said is too hard - that time would be better spent looking at CFA questions.

I started doing exam 3PM, and I’m thinking this is hard as hell, how are these guys scoring so well. Then I realized, durrrr, I was in book 7.

I solved a practice exam of Schweser and realized that it does not have the solutions to the problems. Can someone provide me with the solutions. I do not have the password for schweser since I am using my friends notes. I want to practice the volume 1 exams. My email Thanks in advance. Khushang

I did terrible in exam 3 AM and PM got 67% in the AM and I didn’t even finish the PM because I was discouraged. I got 71%, 72% 75% and 83% in the first four. Ever since I got back from Buffalo, this week has gone terrible for me. I’m getting everything wrong everywhere.

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