How was the timing of real exam compared to cfa Boston mock

I heard they’re somewhat similar in terms of the language, and type of questions

I took the 2021 Boston AM mock this morning. Only just managed to finish it. There were, what felt like, too many sub questions vs the official CFAI papers from 2016-2018. Language was fine, consistent. Good level of difficulty. Just felt like a lot of questions.

I think graders have posted on this forum that the AM mock posted by the CFAI (Boston Mock) is longer then the 2 hours 15 minutes like this year. I think they said budge like 3.5 hours for it.

That makes sense to me @Joe_83 , it definitely felt like a mock for the old 3hr timing at least. It felt unbelievably rushed, but then I was trying to get it done in 2hr 15 haha