How well are you doing on Qbank?

Hi Guys,

So I’ve been studying Ethics and Quant. I did a 60q test on Schweser Qbank with the Advanced and Intermediate questions only. I acheived 100% in Ethics and 60% in Quant.

I then did a bit more studying in Quant and took another 50q test on advance and intermediate and got 82% with a couple of silly and easy mistakes. I should have really gotten 90%.

I’m just a little worried, because I’m finding this a little bit easy, are the question in the test very different from the QBank?

I’m a corporate credit analyst by trade with a Beng degree so maths comes quite easy to me. I now studying FRA which is my bread and butter…hopefuill get it completed by the end of the week and then just revise what i’ve learnt by doing some practice questions…

The questions on the test were quite different from the Qbank, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help.

I guess Qbank is more useful only in rentention of the material. There are plenty of easy and straight forward questions which are usually not always exam-like, but still they help in retaining the material at an early stage of studies. However, i wouldn’t recommend you using them when you start your revision. Qbank scores give a false of sense of security and are not a good gauge of your prepartion.

Solve all EOC questions and do atleast three four mocks towards the end. You will be fine!

is this all sponsored by your employers or are you paying for it yourself??

paying for it myself…

u guys r rich! :slight_smile:

Not a quaestion of rich or poor, for CFA candidates from India 90% pay from their pocket and majority of remaining 10% only get the fees reimbursed (in many cases only if passed!). Unlike US or most European countries it is tough in India at least in terms of affordability (probably that is why most of the queries on fees refund /wothdrawals, need of paying membership dues just on approval etc. .on AF are from India!)

+1 … 100% true what is said by mygos…