How well do you do on the EOCs ?

^ Question… I was wondering that after I have been scoring in the 60% in Ethics, about <70% in study session 2 and 55% in study session 3. I solve the EOCs on the next day after I finish the readings… Is that good enough ?? or am I doing something wrong ?? I am starting Economics tomorrow

Might sound harsh but that’s not good enough. You need to understand the material a lot better than you do currently.

make flashcards of all the hard ones (especially accounting) and carry them around with you until you can do them in your sleep

I think (hope?) it depends on your approach. I am about halfway through the curriculum and scoring about 70% on each EOC. I realize that doesn’t make me exam-ready but my goal is to make it through the entire curriculum once, then go back and work on the stuff I had problems with the first time through. I find that after a bit of time away from a section I’m having trouble with, more has sunk in and I do better the second time around, plus it’s a good way to review. Struggling endlessly without moving on feels too dispiriting.

If this is your first pass and you can solve around 60% of questions correctly then you are on course.better understanding comes only after repeated review.Get a question bank Elan , schweser whichever. review material,solve CFAI EOC and practice from Question bank. Repeat.Study Ethics from CFAI only.write down formulas.

We push and we push