How were you scoring in your L2 Mocks?

So I am Level 2 taker in June and I am wondering how you Level 3 ppl were going in your mock exams for L2? so obviously you are all ppl who passed L2 and just wondering how you were scoring in your mocks just so i can set my expectation…

if you were scoring high 80s in your mocks dont bother reply since its obvious you were going to pass in the first place

was about 73% for me, but it rose steadily from a starting point of 62.5% to about 83.3% towards the end over 6 mocks. i always tried going into these tests w/ a mock of about 78%, or about 10% pts above where i think the normal pass rate should be.

how did you feel waking out of the exam as compared to level one? I walked out of L1 pretty confident but with level two i did not feel as confident and im super worried. I studied pretty hard, quit my job 2 weeks before my exam because they woudnt give me time off…long story…i studied atleast 350 hours. took 7 mocks was averaging between 60-70%

It all depends if you take the mocks when you are fully prepared or not. 60%-70% is a pretty wide variance. My experience was a very tight range between 70% and 75%, with most closer to 75%, and based on my Level II exam breakdown I passed with a fairly comfortable margin (test seemed relatively easy as well).

The first time I took level II I barely studied, took one mock, scored low 60’s, test seemed extremely hard, and failed band 8.

Mock scores are all in context. But extrapolating my two experiences and your experience (this is a statistically robust method right?) I would guess your borderline pass.

Low 70s for me on most mocks or mini-exams after mid-April. Never got much higher than that but I was consistent, which is what I was targeting.

I just took Level II for the second time a few weeks ago so I don’t know if I passed or not but everything else you said basically describes what I did. I didn’t put in that much time the first time, didn’t take any mocks, and the real exam seemed pretty hard. This time I took a bunch of mocks, scored in that 70% - 75% band, and the real thing seemed easier than last year. Let’s hope I have the same result you did as well.

CFAI mocks (current and prior years), I was in the low 70s toward the end, and my scores were pretty consistent. Schweser mocks were probably better.

When I left the exam room I had no idea if I passed, and the night before the results came out, I was doubtful that I would clear (which I did).

Don’t use Level I as your reference point – it is still possible to pass Level II even though you feel far less confident in having passed.

i was scoring low 60s when i first started taking mocks then towards the end of it I was scoring high 60s and low 70s…

I am good with boarder line pass!


I failed last year with band 6. I didnt solve any mock last year.

This time i solved 6 Mocks (Schweser) and no CFA Mock

  1. Mock 1 - Scored 72% (This was 2011 Schwser Mock ; just for practice)

  2. Mock 2 - Scored 74%

  3. Mock 3 onwards - started scoring 80% to 84%

I stopped giving mocks 4 days before the actual exam and originally had planned to give CFAI Mock but then skipped it since i wanted to go into the real thing with some (false) confidence. :slight_smile:

The real thing was much tougher as compared to Schweser Exams. I am hoping for a pass.

I never passed a Level 2 practice exam however, I passed the real thing on the first try.