How, When and Where can we get the answers?

There is one question in the morning session that I can’t stop thinking about. Did some research on internet and I don’ t think that there is any consensus on this. Very very tricky. I’m so curious to know the CFA answer.

How can we know the CFA answer and if it is possible when and where would it be available?


Wait until next year

It will be available probably end of this year. or Early next year. In January 2016

So where can I see last year level 2 answers? I cannot see it on the cfa website

i still remember one tricky question for which i would like to see answers

When would it be safe then to discuss specific topics tested on the forum according to the Code.

are you being serious right now?

@aliactuary29: Never.

Really? Not even after the paper is released on the cfa website :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, why? do you have a link?

each time I ask a question about where to find past exams it seems that i say something strange. I don’t get it…

It is obvious or do I miss something?

It is because you only get CFA level III morning answers and never ever for any other paper be it level I, II, or III evening.

It’s because CFAI doesn’t release any L1 of L2 exams, nor do they release the multiple choice portion L3 of the exam.

Hence, I do not have a link to the actual exam for L2.

Thanks I didn’t know that!

That is why this link is only showing AM exams…it makes sense now

But do you know the reason why MCQ exam answers are never provided?

Sure You can. but only upto 2013. What do you want to discuss.

CFA Institute doesn’t release actual exam multiple-choice questions or answers.