How will passing CFA Level III change your life after the 9th? Will you change jobs? Ask for a promotion?

How will passing CFA Level III change your life after the 9th? Will you change jobs? Ask for a promotion?

I expect my salary to double

would start looking out…

On to networking with those letters behind my name.

Just start enjoying my weekends. No more guilt or stressing over not studying. More time for family, friends, hobbies.

Career wise just started a job 6 months ago, probably won’t be looking for a change for another 1-1.5 years. Will still feel more confident presenting myself as a CFA Charterholder.

Dread of failing is worse after typing that out…

ain’t nothing really going to change except more time to enjoy my summers…but that’s obv depending on results on the 9th.

I am getting laid off, so I am really hoping I pass. Having those three letters should help in my job search

wow that’s a bummer. down-sizing and just got the short end of the stick? I was in the same predicament about 2 years ago.

Downsizing, the company I work for was acquired about a year ago and now they are eliminating all of the positions at the firm I work for and just acquiring our assets. It is about what I would expect when a private equity firm acquires the company you work for.

Yep. Maybe soon you will be on the other side of the table. You should see if the PE fund needs an analyst. :slight_smile:

Salary boost perhaps ~30% if I pass and keep my position, already looking to switch for buy-side.

Change to a new galaxy.

Was Gordon Gecco part of that deal? He gets rid of everyone from what I hear.

He also beats up his analysts in Central Park…from what I hear.

If I pass, I can buy a Merc E coupe. If I fail, i’ll probably be allowed only a Toyota Corolla.


It won’t change a thing since I’ll still have a year before I can get letters.

I’m in a banking roll and senior management couldn’t care less about the CFA. I’m just going to slap it on my LinkedIn along with CAIA and see if anything interesting comes up from recruiters (hedge fund or PE) . Otherwise I’ll just plod along at this big bank.

hah exact same thing happened to mine, SA?

Same here, I found that too. Although some senior managers have some idea on how prestigious the CFA Charter is.

So if I get the charter on the 9th Aug, I’ll get a thick gold chain with the bling bling initials “CFA” and hope it will make me better looking to the opposite sex.