How you guys deal with the curriculum textbooks after your passed?

Hi, guys,

I passed three levels a couple of years ago, now I am troubled with the heavy weighted curriculum textbooks, I managed to sell level I curriculum back in 2008 when curriculum is not part of the registration fee. But I still keep level II and level III curriculum. Every time I move, it is part of heavy lifting, Now I have to move again.

for those guys passed, do you keep them or just keep the notes?

I feel it is awful to throw away such nicely decorated, brand new books?

You have to sacrifice them back to the sun god with a ritual inferno sacrificing.

I threw away the cfai books, but I kept the Schweser ones. Every time I move, I get closer and closer to throwing out my Schweez stash

Just toss them. It’s just paper.

If I end up doing all 3 levels, I’m pretty sure I’ll keep all the CFA and Schweser books as a memoir of what I went through. Most likely it’ll end up as a bulky dust collector, but I can’t stand to get rid of something I literally kept with me most of everyday for years.

I still have L2 and L3 material. They aren’t bad as reference books, even if I haven’t referred to them that much.

I kept L2 and L3 for reference purposes. I keep them in my office though, so don’t have to move them.

i hang them up to impress babes…hot classy ones…

I kept them at work, but when I left my last job a few months ago, I left them behind. I still have my Schweser notes although I’ve never referenced them. It may be time to lose those too.

I will definately keep schweser notes, I think I will need to refer to them some point.

My problem is with the curriculum, I never touched them, I used notes to pass all three levels, they are branded new, and I doubt I will need to refer to them in the future.

Thanks for CFA putting the curriculum in registration fee, these curriculum has absolutely no trading value.

I kept LII and LIII. They come in handy for interviews when you need a quick refresh on a specific topic.

People buy the print material?

I kept all of the books. They make good reference reference material and I use them to brush up on topics that come up from time to time.

Sometimes I scan through the books as a reminder that there was some real work that went into those letters at the end of my name.

I’ll cook them.

I keep them in my library…I used them to show off how much I study.

I plan to keep my CFA texts and Schweser Notes. They are sort of like trophies. Also I do reference them from time to time. I even own a few of the hard bound text books, like the old quant book and Equity analysis book published back when CFAI was AIMR. I keep those on my dexk at work.

I tried to burn mine only to find out that they are much less flammable than you’d think. CFA wins again ><

I go through and do the questions from one chapter each week just to stay on my A game.

I have NO idea how anybody could study well enough to pass the exam from an ebook.

There are good use of my text… I put it under my monitor so they are high enough for my sitting position at work … I put it upside down so it’s a very subtle way to show off… When the head of trading came over and saw this I s

ay I didn’t need these to pass the exam