How you guys scoring?

This is for people who passed level 2 and for the ones currently studying for it.

What type of scores are/were you getting?

EOC, mocks, 3rd party…

I started studying during the first week of February, and so far I’ve only had a chance to do a small % (~100 questions) of the Schweser QBank questions for Ethics and Quantitative. Scoring about 74% so far, but obviously this is a super small sample and only covers those first two sections of the material. I’m hoping to continue working through the Schweser questions in addition to completing the EOC questions from CFAI, the CFAI mock exams, Schweser mocks exams, and the live Schweser mock exam.

I’ve made my first pass through the reading this last week. Started working Qbank questions with a mix of easy/medium/hard questions, scored about 50% in total. Better than I epxected at this point since i haven’t done any questions throughout the reading

Scored 70% with just the “easy” theory based questions

Low 90’s on mock exams. Doing four a day. Starting studying in 1981. I study now 22 hours a day, sleep for one hour, eat shit and exercise the other hour.

I’m sure you can do better than that, when are you going to build a time machine to get extra study time?

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