How'd you do?? CFA 2006 exam (from Schweser)

90% on the first 60, but I had seen a couple of the vignettes before. I’ll probably take the rest tonight.



either 82 or 84… one of those percentages

mcpass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Westbruin, open your official CFA books (that pile > of paper in its original box somewhere in a > cabinet). > mcpass, thanks very much, but i’ve already used those books as firewood. it was a little chilly the other night.

80% I’m a designated accountant and was dissapointed in the 1 FSA item set. Would take more FSA over PM and Derivatives anyday. Found at least 4 or 5 questions where the content is no longer part of the 2008 curriculum. But overall fair exam.

80% I hope this year’s exam is like 2006.

Got 55/60 on the first load, then 31/35 on the second lot. 86/96 = 89.6% cfano1 will probably be along to tell us we couldn’t possibly have beaten 80%. I have to confess I did get up to let the cat out at one point. Does that invalidate the score?

Yeah dude, that inflates every score. It’s the reason cats aren’t allowed at the test centre.

Did everyone time themselves?

I was done after 1,5 hours. Lots of time left in L2 if you ask me, I expect to have the time to go over all vignettes quickly after finishing the first time to iron out the mistakes.

95%, got lucky maybe