How'd you guys do?

You’ll get an email. Won’t be until late July. They’ll announce the result date here in a few weeks.

Most of AM was definitely trickier than PM, for me atleast. And after reviewing after the exam, don’t think I did as well as I thought when I left. Quant and Econ in particular

I am always weak on the accounting area. Both sessions are tricky. I think the questions involve more thinking now.

AM screwed me probably low 60s, high 50s and PM probably high 70s low 80s. I will either be a band 10 fail or a pass… I dont know if I can just remeber the ones I guessed and got wrong compared to the easy ones or what. PM I must have went 30-40 straight knowing them right away. Probably 50/50 guessed like 40-50 and 1/3 guessed 20. Who knows, time to relax for 6 weeks…

I find relaxing and not worrying it the hard part… :neutral_face:

I definitely fell for a few tricks on at least 2 questions. I felt like AM was harder compared to PM. I felt like Econ was the hardest section.

seeing people describing the AM session as tricky makes me lose confidence coz i thought it was, especially accounting, easier than anything i have ever seen anywhere…

However for me ethics for both AM and PM were hard, harder than most of the ethics things i have seen online. But i admire how CFAI makes the questions clear at least. I now understand that many of these test prep providers make questions intentionally vague in order to give the impression that their tests are tough, but in truth they just dont know how to write good ethics questions.

Agreed! Most test prep questions are nowhere close to the actual exam. I believe the test pre questions just focus on definition rather than application.

I felt like the Ethics section was fairly easy (compared to CFAI/Analyst Notes mocks) but I’ve felt that way before and done poorly on mocks. They trick you a lot on them.

Overall the exam did seem pretty easy, being my first time I don’t know how it compares to other sittings but I hope they don’t bump up the MPS because it was too easy.

I was thinking the same thing, hopefully the MPS won’t get bumped up because of that. Although I’ve had other people who’ve taken the test say the actual exam is easier than mocks/topic tests.

The test did have some tricky questions but also had layups at the same time. Definitely felt better about it than any other mocks I’ve taken. The anticipation sucks indeed.

The AM session was much easier to me. I finished more than an hour early. I was able to answer 110/120 questions, 5 50-50 guesses and 5 pure guesses. If I got 85% corrected on the ones I know, my expected score is 110 x 0.85 + 5 x 0.5 + 5 x 0.33 =97/120, which is 81%.

The PM session was tough and I wasn’t sure about 30/120 questions with 15 of them were pure guesses and 15 were 50-50 guesses. If I got 85% on the rest 90 questions, my expected score is 90 x 0.85 + 15 x 0.5 + 15 x 0.33 = 89/120, which is 74%.

I believe I am in the safe zone unless you guys did extremely well.