How'd you guys do?

How do you guys feel like you did on the exam? I went through and marked each answer as confident, fairly confident or not sure for all the questions. Assumed I got 90% of the confident ones right, 50% of the fairly confident ones right and 33% of the not sure ones right and am estimating about 70% with that. I’m hoping that’s enough to pass me.

Didn’t feel like any one section was too hard. Equities and derivatives were easier than expected while fixed income and quantitative methods were harder than I expected (I was consistently scoring 90-100% in these sections on mock exams)

Interesting. I thought Ethics, Quant, and Econ were relatively smooth in both AM and PM. Then FRA came and slowed me down big time.

That wasn’t to say I found Quant hard, just harder than I was expecting. That’s one of the sections I feel fairly confident I got >70% in. FRA got me in both the AM/PM sections but I’ve known that would be the case for the past month despite how much I tried to target my studying towards it. There’s just an ungodly amount of information to remember relative to the other sections.

True, but overall I’d say it felt slightly easier than Kaplan and CFAI mocks.

I felt like Econ was the hardest for some reason

Economics might have got the best of me, FRA given my Accounting background was a breeze, everithing else was as expected, hope for the best though

Felt great about it. PM was easier for me than AM although ethics was a bit more of a challenge. There were only a handful of questions in each portion that really stumped me. Needless to say I was relieved but for some reason I am still anxious about the results!

The afternoon session was better for me. In terms of topics, Ethics, Portfolio management and derivatives were more challenging. The fact that i wasn’t feeling well didn’t help matters. However,through the grace of the Jehovah, i somehow made it through both sessions.

Alts was lovely

PM FRA felt like it was 80 questions long.

AM FRA was the easiest FRA section of any paper I’d done

Just to be doubly sure, can we give generic statements about the exam i.e. found it easy etc just not discuss what did or did not come up and specific questions? Don’t want to get myself in trouble just after the exam do I!

You can give generic statements about how you felt (aka hard/easy), but nothing specific relating to questions. Best to just play it safe, the risk is great and the rewards are minimal.

I thought so too. I feel like AM I got 100%, and PM had a couple slam dunk ones.

Also think I did fairly well in derivatives but I don’t want to be hubristic.

Did better on Ethics, Quant, Econ, FRA than expected . PM, AI, and Derivatives were a little tricky so a lot of educated guesses there.

Does anyone else think the actual exam was a lot easier than Wiley/CFAI mock exams? I don’t know if its good to be fairly confident since I was getting between 65s - 70 on Wiley/CFA practice exams… gonna be an anxious wait till end of July…

I thought the exam was very trick missed 15 questions

Easier? I think so in at least it was more straightforward, but I think it was a bit harder (FRA particularly) because CFAI felt it was really prudent to test you on the outer limits of your studying with random glossary terms.

When are results posted? Does everyone receive an email?

what you guys think the pass rate would be? did you guys feel that it was bit too easy…i had tough times with economics and 2nd session quants. also had many guesses at equity. FRA in bth sessions were saisfactory though…not sure about ethics

didnt recieve any yet but aleast 5 weeks