How's everyone progressing?

Hi everyone, Im getting more and more worried as the day approaches…how has everyone been faring on these exams? Do you guys think that hovering around the 60s is enough to pass?

i am still hovering in the 60s range can’t seem to break out of it, but no i don’t think that is enough to pass…i’d say 72-73%is comfortable to pass

U guys talking about the CFA sample exams

Some great advice I noticed on this board about a week ago (forgot the source): Go over your tests, look at what you got wrong (and what you guessed on because these are essentially wrong) and take the time to understand why you missed it. Then make flash cards on the problems you missed and carry them with you at all times until the test (its amazing how much studying you can get while waiting for a coffee at sbucks, or walking to the bus/train, eating food, etc etc). I am finding more value out of this than crunch additional problems non-stop, but whatever works for you!

I’ve been averaging around the high 70’s in the CFA online exams, and in the high 60’s to low 70’s in Book 6.

i was talking about CFAI exams…yeah i have done the flash cards…they have been helping me out a bunch

My practice exams results are even worst. I cant seem to get my average mark above 60% (Book 6) I am getting really worried!

I’m getting mid-high 60s on the CFAI exams. Gonna be a close one heh.

I’ve taken only one test from book 6, and decided not to bother with the rest. That was a while back and I didn’t do that great on it (68% on both sessions). These days I’m focusing on the CFAI practice exams and I average low to mid 80’s on those.

My humble advice “Please don’t TOUCH Book-6 and Book-7 now. They will crush your confidence.”

I have only really taken one CFAI practice exam (#3). I got exactly 70 on that. It was kind of demoralizing seeing all those sectionswith “fail” on it. But i am brushing up global econ, capm/sml/cml, put-call stuff, which is where i seem to be doing the worst. Will take another one today to see if i see any progress .

Bayarea, that’s what I’ve started doing as well (re: do exams and cover those you got wrong and guessed on)…I just wish I had more time to go through several of these exams to get a feel for the breadth of the questions. It seems like each exam focuses on a different angle of the topic and it has continued to throw me off cuz everytime I think I “get” it, there’s another angle that gets me thinking I have SOOO MUCH studying left!

I’m screwed. Again.

lets just say my dreams are getting weirder and weirder… but besides that, i feel behind schedule… still have some ‘flash cards’ to write up of the topics i KEEP getting wrong… still have book6 3PM to do… a couple book 7 exams… and the cfai online exams…