Hows everyone scored in 2014 CFAI mocks?

There are two full length CFAI mocks.

WARNING: the mocks are made up of cases from the practice tests you can do on the CFAI website. So, if you do those cases before the exam, you’ll skew your exam results.

I got a 78 on the first mock - AM and PM combined.

There are two set of compete mock on the CFA website, one of it is titled March mock. The non-march mock is the one sent via email.

68% in the March mock.

Heard of this earlier from complains about the mock, hence I didn’t to any of the practice test.

Ugh I wish I knew about the fact that the practice tests make up the first CFA 2014 Mock…is that the same problem with the March one? I need some other mocks now so I can get an unbiased benchmark of my results :frowning:

I scored 73% on both the March and June CFA mocks that I took this Monday and Tuesday. I haven’t taken other CFA mocks from past years, so no recycled questions for me.

I found the weighting of the topics strange on these mocks; heavy on Ethics (3 item sets), Economics (2), Portfolio Management (2) and only 3 item sets for Equity and 1 for Corporate Finance.

Will do the 2013 mock tomorrow and Elan #2 on Friday.