Hows everyone scored in 2014 CFAI mocks?

Hi All,

What do you consider a good score in CFAI mock I (which is now available in pdf)? How you guys are scoring on this??

you first

65 :frowning:

75% in march mock

You will not pass the exam if you scored less than 85. I got 86 and studied 2500 hours last month alone. Jokes aside as long as you are scoring 55-60 and reinforcing ur weak spots u are good mr iitian

imho the more discussion about the actual material and less on practice exam scores and hours studied will be more constructive.

Don’t read these threads then. Some people find it helpful to know how difficult specific exams are so they can put their results into context. If I spend 6 hours taking a practice exam (a lot of time invested), knowing what other people are scoring on that same exam is useful information.

CFA scoring is relative … unless a person is god’s gift on earth and score above 70% for sure in actual exam, the comparitive analysis of ones score helps determine where one stands in terms of the Bell Curve …

About this particular mock , i have not attempted it so far … as soon as i will ,… i will let u kn ow

be careful to check your answers, the PDF answers are just wrong. someone else mentioned it in another thread. i used the web mock tool to input my answers all over again and got significantly different scores. kinda wreckless on CFAI’s part to give incorrect answers via pdf

Last CFAI mock I squeezed out a 71%… Felt significantly more difficult than a 71% though!



I was planning to take the non march mock on pdf, I think I’ll do it online then. Thanks

The march mock did not follow the exam weight, there should have been one more equity vignette abdominal one less ethic vignette


Hi guys, am struggling to find pdf versions of both cfa mocks (latest one and march), can just see the online exam version. Can someone please paste the link where i can find pdf versions


Check your email… don’t forget to check your spam folder. They sent links last week

check for the email titled technical issues in CFA website, or something like that, they’ve provided pdf links in that email.

I didn’t have a chanc to check out the PDF versions online yet. CFAI emailed me some exams in PDF last week. Are they the same thing? But i remember I only received one set of exam (morning+afternoon).

Also, I just did the online practice tests. Are those and the mock exams in PDF the same?

Some ppl are talking about march mock. Which is march mock?

I guess my question is: how many CFAI practice/mock exams are there?

75% in march mock 73 in non-march mock