hows prep

I m starting today for L2, wt abt u guys?

I started a couple months back, prep is going pretty well. I write on Oct. 1st so should be good to go. Good luck with it.

Starting around 8/15 for my 9/27 test. Six intense weeks. May do a read-through of all the material a little sooner.

which subject so far u found tough to study & memorize?

Almost done with my first pass. Convertible Arbitrage is pretty rough.

I’ve finished all of the current topics and ethics (gimme considering already taken CFA Level II), ready to dive into the main material. Current Topics wasn’t bad at all, hopefully the rest won’t be so bad either.

I’ve done all the readings and did all 1100+ Q’s in the Schweser Q-bank…79%. Now to start memorizing lists, etc and start working on the essay type questions. So far, so good.

Still haven’t started. Waiting for CFA L2 results and release of stress. Pass or fail, my mind will be clear.

guys Does the Schweser Q-bank, have essay questions or just multiple choice questions? Where do additional essay questions feature? Regards.

@ SuperCop Schweser Q-bank only has multiple choice questions, over 1100 of them. There’s another resource they have called “Essay Management” which is 6 separate exams that focus on essay questions.

thanks for the revert Sircon. is “Essay Management” made by schweser. how much does it cost? Are these updated for the spet 2010 exam. have you written level 2 before, if so any advise?

I believe the essay management is made by Schweser, I haven’t used it yet as you can only use it once. Follow this link for pricing details. This my my first attempt at L2, I did L1 in March. Good luck

Hi Sircon, Yes me too, this will be my 1st attempt. Do you have an email address i can reach you at ? Regards,

I’m just fighting with last part, which I thought will be the easiest - HF, as I worked for one. However i was wrong. Only started 2 fight with convertibles. It’s actually the most difficult of all I think. Greek should exist only in the ancient history:) Which is the most challenging for you?

Sircon, hope to hear from you. if i contact you that would be great. thanks

Starting tonight! A compact six weeks.