How's your final prep coming along!?

Just curious where others stand 3.5 weeks out. I’ve done 3 mocks with sub par scores (#1 - %50, #2 - 54%, #3 - 60%). Slowly trying to work my way up to a comfortable 70 (preferebly 75) for the last 2 or 3 mocks that I do by reviewing topics each day and doing the topic tests on CFAI website.

How are your mock scores so far? What are you doing to improve them?

Good luck us!

I’ve done one schweser mock so far and got a 62%. In order to improve, I’m first going over every question in the mock to make sure I fully understand the concepts and why the other answer choices are wrong. Also, I started to re-watch lecture videos in areas where I am stuggling in. And finally, I’m just cranking through the Q-bank. But I make sure that when I review the quizzes, I always make sure I understand the concepts so I do not make the same mistake twice.