HP 12 C calculator

I am getting used to the HP 12 C calculator and i can’t find the delete key… you know if you type a wrong number you can delete it… does anybody know? Please let me know. Thanks

If you’ve got the newer Platinum edition, it’s the Blue Key followed by the "

I don’t have the platinum edition…

If put a wrong number, just press CLX and type the correct one.

Yes but if you calculating 5+10+11 you press 5 enter 10 + enter 11 and in case you press 12 instead of 11 and want to delete that 2 and enter 1 so that you don’t have to do the whole thing again is there a delete key on this calculator because i know the other version of HP has is the back arrow key?

The plat edition added certain functions. I don’t believe the basic 12C has the delete key. You might consider upgrading. The newer model has a faster processor, and this will matter on exam day when doing IRR or interest computations.

Oh ok… Thanks for the info.

I really don’t see the problem here. 5+10+11 [CLX] leaves you with 15 in the stack keying 12+ gives you 27. If you are looking for a backspace key then as Hank Moody said it was added in Platinim edition.