Hp 12 C+ platinum, where to buy?

Hey all. Quick question, where did you guys buy your calculator from? I just started the Quant section and sweet pearl I think it’ll help save some time. I’m in Calgary (Amazon won’t ship one here) and tried Staples, Radioshack, Best buy and future shop…Could someone please recommend somewhere else?? thanks tons

If none of those work, definitely hit up eBay.

Yeah, Calgary (as other Mexican cities) is not an easy destination to deliver to. Here, I’ve seen the 12+C’s mostly in smaller boutiques in the financial district. You may also try hp.com. Good luck, I’m sure they will also have a manual in Mexican, HP is a *truly* global company.

Why don’t you visit the HP web and try to research their distributors in your place in their website. Or you can just call their extention office/branch in your place & inquire about the calculator. Commonly they have a distributor for their products, just search it.

Serous?? Why won’t Amazon deliver to Calgary?? I have seen then ship to South America… Maybe try Office Depot…

Don’t buy the Platinum one. Buy the 25th Anniversary one. Platinum is slow. Many amazon users don’t like it.

Great, thanks for the ideas. Office depot or hole in the wall store downtown sounds like good ideas. Ya Amazon won’t deliver due to “warranty issues” or some other BS. There’s always Tijuana I suppose…