HP 12C calculator

Why is it impossible to buy HP 12C calculator in Calgary???

Anyone from this wonderful city who was able to get hold of one (new from reliable source)?

Because it sucks…get the TI BA II Plus Professional.


“i’m on the f*cking internet”

they’ll even ship it all the way to your house

Yeah Amazon. I bought my current HP on Amazon last year, it took a day spent on the net to find a dealer who ships in Canada, it never arrived, I ordered another one, which arrived in a month after several phone calls to Amazon.

This is what I wanted to spare.

I cannot change to BA now because I’m very used with the HP. But I want to buy a second one just in case.

In the US yes they will ship it to your house but not in Canada.

I will send you mine for a fee. Opened it, used it once…sits at my desk. PM me.

According to HP:

Online retailers that carry some HP calculators

Business Depot Models Available: 10BII and 30S website: http://www.businessdepot.com

Cansupply.ca Models Available: 10BII, 12C, 9S, 30S, 9G website: http://www.cansupply.ca

Grand and Toy Models Available: 10BII, 12C website:http://www.grandandtoy.com

Office Depot Models Available: 10BII, 12C Platinum, 9S and 30S website: http://www.officedepot.ca

Staples Canada Models Available: 10BII and 30S website: http://www.staples.ca

Staples has this calculator, and the BAII as well obviously, which is really what you should use. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for everybody’s inputs. I’ve been through these webpages, they don’t have it in their stores here. Amazon has but difficult to ship in Canada.

I rather meant my post for someone from Calgary.

Ps. If I ever get to Level II I’ll learn BA only it did seem to me extremely difficult and I went with the easier HP.

I’m sure I saw one at Staples like a few weeks back. It may not be on the their website, but check in store.

Or this: http://www.frontierpc.com/office-equipment/calculators/business-financial-calculator/hp/financial-calculator-12c%23b12-1019821198.html

Or I see some on Kijiji.