HP 12C NPV Calc Issue

Hi guys,

I am having trouble typing in negative numbers for uneven cashflow NPV’s. (using HP 12C)

I have only just started using it so I am probably doing something wrong.

When I input negitive numbers for CFj they stack and an unwanted subtract sum takes place.

EG: CF1=100 CF2=-200 …

I enter it as follows 100 [g] [CFj] 200 - [g] [CFj] (the problem is doing this will compute 200-100)

is there a way to put this in correctly without clearing the previous number before writing in a negative input,


Your first cash flow should be entered with the CF_0 button and this represents the cash flow at t=0, and subsequent cash flows are entered with CF_J.

Do not use the negative sign to change the sign. Use the “CHS” key to change the sign of a number.

Ditch the HP and get the TI BA II…far better and easier to use

Don’t use the “-” sign for a negative CF - use the CHS key to change the sign from “+” to “-”

Cheers, I didnt realise the purpose of the CHS button.

Thanks all!