hp 12c question

What is the difference of resetting using f+FIN vs f+REG. 1. If I need to calculate FV, do I need to use f+FIN? 2. If I need to calculate Cash flow , do I need to use f+FIN also? I always press f+ FIN and f+REG. Not sure if pressing these two not needed

Not needed in either case. Just clearing the REG will do the trick. Run some calculations to convince yourself.

Thanks for reply. I was unnecessarily pressing f+ FIN and f+REG. It is better to stop that habit. I just read that f+FIN resets only 5 registers (n, i, PMT, PV, FV), Where as f+ REG resets these and also stack (L,X,Y,Z,T), other registers (CF0-CF29, N0-N30 ) From this point onwards. I will use f+REG for safe side to reset all registers.

That is what I would do. Cover all the bases.

Exactly. Also, try the Norom button.

sorry. What is norom button?

He is just messing with you (and me)…spell it backwards to figure it out.

:wink: I did not notice that. It is ok