HP12C vs HP12C Platinum

Hi! New to the forum, basic question. How different are these calculators? I can’t find the hp 12c Platinum and I want to know if I fine for the exam with the hp 12c (alone) thanks. Any advice?

Use the TI Professional its so much easier to use.

The 12c Platinum has a faster processor, and you’ll notice the difference whenever interest or IRR have to be calculated. It also has a few additional function keys. J&R Music sells them through Amazon, and they’re in stock for around US $70.

I have both (platinum an the ordinary one). The difference is that the platinum is in, well, platinum colours and the old one is in some yellowish metal. The old one is somewhat slower, but I’d suppose you only notice it when solving IRR problems. There can’t be too many of those in any one exam so, spread out over 240 questions, there’s no noticeable difference. The old one has a nicer keyboard though.

thanks to all for the comments! @k-calculi: if it s only slower in IRR problems, I am not going to lose a lot of time in the exam having the ordinary, right?

The speed difference is going to matter if you have a rerun an INT or IRR calculation due to a keystroke error. It can easily take 10 or 15 seconds to run through the iterations. I had both on hand for the exam. Look, you should have a backup calculator anyway. Don’t take a chance on blowing six months worth of exam preparation. Spend the extra few bucks and get the faster machine. You still have L2 and L3 ahead of you, too.

Malbec, you maybe surprised to know that Level 1 is quite conceptual and is not heavily weighted toward computations, so the difference in few seconds will not be a big deal. Concentrate on the material itself rather then selection of calculator. I personally would recommend TI cause it’s much easier to use.

If you pickup a copy of Schwesers how to use your calculator text, you’ll find the HP requires less key strokes for all equations. Also, the keyboard function once mastered is setup like a lot cell phones keyboards for texting (quick two thumb action keystrokes) . I have used both the 12C and the 12C Platinum…12C Platinum is much faster. Go with the Platinum, it’s worth the investment. Use the old 12C for a backup at the exam. W

I also recommend you using HP because it uses RPN, what is similiar to the way you count in your mind. RPN looks tricky at the beginning, but when you make some practice - you will be able to do all calculations much faster than TI.