HPR calculation in CFA book4

In the fixed income section

CFA Book #4 - page 54 - question 8

“Alonso’s strategy will be to sell all the 5-year Treasury bonds, and invest the proceeds in 10-year Treasury bonds” "He expects the yield curve to flatten and forecasts a six-month horizon price of the 5-year Treasury bond to be $99.50. " The bond is currently 100.40625

  1. If the yield curve flattens, shouldn’t the price forecast go up? (alrite, fine if the curve was inverted, then I can understand this, but the problem doesn’t specify.)

  2. This is the confusing part: The answer for the HPR calculation doesn’t make sense, why is it +99.5-100.40625 ?? If we are selling now when it’s more expensive, shouldn’t those signs be reversed?

or am i missing something

It is not based on the Sell/Buy at all.

It is just a calculation based on (P1 - P0 + CFO)/P0