Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Concrete Jungle

This exotic material trend might be going too far. Wait, classic fusion, aero fusion…

I had an original Fossil watch that was made out of a stone. It was pretty cool. I have no idea what happened to it. This was pretty much the exact one I had

Image result for stone fossil watch

They should make one out of dinosaur (top 2 only) fossils - call it Fossil’s Fossils.

On a semi-related note I don’t really understand the trend towards concrete floors in homes.

Concrete floors are very popular where I grew up outside the US. I guess it’s because they are cheap and add a cooling effect in hot weather. Seems like the latest floor trend I’ve seen is ceramic tiles that are designed to look like wood. I guess it is for people who like the aesthetic, but want something easier to maintain.

^^ If they’re consistent with the style of the home, polished concrete floors can be quite nice.

^ My last house has the ceramic “wood” tiles in the master bath and the 1st floor powder room. They are pretty nice, but I suspect they’ll seem dated in few years.