humble request to l2 passers

Please do not inundate with questions such as :

1)cfai material or prep course?

2)which prep course?

3)which level is tougher?

In your euphoria please remember l3 results will be out on 11 aug many guys are tensed and may ger irritated.Anyways will it not be better to ask stratagies to those who pass?I will remain with you guys for my second round of l3 so those ’ stratagies’ might be helpful for me.

I’m of the opposite opinion, I don’t care if L2 passers start asking questions now. It’s not like they’re going to bury any topics that are actually relevant at this point - we’ve already been beating the dead horse for months so we’re unlikely to get any benefit from discussion around the topic whereas L2 passers may derive some benefit from asking the questions.

I say ask away L2 passers, but know that you may be taking advice from people who may/may not have passed the exam yet.

Thanks for being helpful and for the wise word of caution.

I think it’s a good think to have information on both those who passed and those who failed.

Simple example:

10 candidates pass and 10 candidates fail

For those who pass, 3 used Kaplan and 7 used CFAI. Here, you might conclude CFAI is the way to go…

Of the failing 10, 3 used Kaplan and 7 used CFAI. Now, you see that (in relative terms) both prep providers (or techniques, whatever) have the same pass rates, so It’s not necessarily true that CFAI material will make it more likely that you pass.

If the failing group was composed of 9 Kaplan users and 1 CFAI user, then, you might conclude something is going on that gives the CFAI material a better edge (maybe, but it’s definitely a better picture than only asking the advice of passers).

Tickersu, I agree with your premise, but I would still keep in mind that at this point we don’t know who falls into which category. That’s all I was getting at really.

Ah, okay. I thought you were of the mindset to ignore anything unrelated to a pass. I agree-- it would definitely help to know who’s where when evaluating feedback.

If you pass L1 and L2 then use the same method for L3, go with what works for YOU, nof the general consensus or what works for sometone else.

If I passed L1 and L2 using Schweser, why would I all of a sudden start reading CFAI books for L3? It will not work for me. There is no one way to pass these exams, no magic formula.

and don’t get spooked just because L3 AM is a different format. L2 was different from L1 and you passed L2 so there is no reason to flip out because of the AM session, just do the practice exams and answer the questions with short answers, no novels and you will be fine.

good luck.

Good comment… I’ve used the Schweser material for L1, L2 and L3. I’m not sure how I did for Level 3, but it’s definitely more about the number of ‘‘true’’ study hours put in and pure motivation than study material. Schweser knows their stuff… My preparation for all levels was to do the Schweser exercises while reading the material. Then, all the CFAI exercises while doing a 2nd review. Finally, I did a 3rd review while doing Q bank questions and mocks. It takes a lot of time to go through all of this (about 420 hours), but I’ve always felt confident going into the exam. Good luck to my fellow L3 candidates on August 11th!

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