Hungry/Thirsty for getting any advise in the matter of...

Hej guys I have just registered for the CFA L1 exam june2009. I really dont know how should i start for it? which study material is proper? should i keep only on Schewser ( study notes and Qbank ) or that is not enough and other supplements are required too? What should i do and which strategy should i take in Ethics part… in Financial statements analysis part… and economic part…? Many thanks for any help and advise

this has to be the most asked question – people should use the search function, but then again, we have all made this guys mistake. anyways, welcome. I would use the CFAI materials mostly and go in order…since you have so much time, you can actually clean up the CFAI texts and move into a shweser phase 2 next spring. good luck biggest advice for you: dont underestimate ethics and you will hit a bump when FSA drops. everybody does

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > > biggest advice for you: dont underestimate ethics > and you will hit a bump when FSA drops. everybody > does Interesting, I was ok with ethics, struggled with quant, fine with Economics, now halfway through SS8 of FSA…what do you mean by “FSA drops”? cheers.

perdition Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > what do you mean by “FSA drops”? > cheers. slang for when “you get to that section.”

“FSA drops” at about SS9. Now about “drop”, that’s an understatement. Careful and pay attention to details in SS9.

Thanks,that makes sense now,I am just into my 3rd week of study, currently on FAS SS8, up to now I have found FAS the most poorly written tome, it doubles back and is long winded making it hard to maintain focus,I think I will slow down a little as SS9 sounds like the wall I am rushing toward…not exactly fun this CFA lark, is it?

Nitoha, It is prefered that a candidate do go through CFAI’s text at least once since you have alot of time. I am planning to register for June 09 and i would do the same. For the schweser material, get their practice volumes and q-bank for sure because the more practice, the better it is. I’d advice not depend solely on schweser regardless of the high pass rates with schweser only. If you want to rely on schweser as your main source, then do focus on L1 LOS and make sure you are not missing anything. Good Luck!

Thanks all you guys They were useful hint.