Hi fellow candidates. hope ur studying well :wink:

just to begin, I left Ethics and Quants for the very last in my study plan in case you’re wondering why is this guy on SS-2, 26 days before the exam, LOL…

ok now to the point, reading 11 hypothesis testing Schweser notes, Page 316 and 317, the big crazy equations with all the Esses and Nzzz, are tought to memorize, moreover in the middle of P.323 the “Professor’s note” in italics says that candidates are not expected to know them by heart. Now I do know that anything and everything in the Curriculum is fair game, and in the CFA Mock Afternoon Session Q.29 is using these formulas. So my question is how the heck do we memorize them? Is everybody out there doing it? Please let me know. :slight_smile:


yes all LOS are fair game… but unless it says “calculate”… just worry about understanding how the formula works… it will most likely be a logic question testing that LOS…

“how does changing the denominator … effect the output”… sort of thing