Hyperbolic Discounting, Disintermidation

I hope few of you know this stuff :wink:

Or JP Morgan rate of decay formula

Just kidding. This is the stuff I know that likely won’t be tested. Damn!

and yes, I know I misspelled the latter…

and JP Morgan formula is a measure of Vol, not rate of decay. Racking up AF points on a Sunday night :slight_smile:

I know all of the above except hyperbolic discounting. Explain…

Disintermediation - redeeming life ins policies to invest elsewhere w/ higher rates?

Hyperbolic Discounting - don’t be so demanding. Look to one of the “S” part of Losser in BF. You’re welcome.

Yes on disintermediation - and those “key words” are key points with graders. FTW - FTWCFA :wink: