What does hyperion do? I was just informed this morning that in a few weeks I’ll be shifting focus out of operational analysis and into more of a budgeting/forecasting role w/hyperion. Unfortunatley thats all they could tell me at the time, and the guy in my unit who does it now (they want to promote him, hence me taking over) is on vacation so I can’t ask him. I honestly have never seen the program, so I’m just curious what I’m getting into.

My previous company used one of the Hyperion packages to produce reports. From what I remember of it; it was like IBM Cognos but with a different setup. I’m not sure which Hyperion product your company is using but as long as they’re not asking you to program/code new reports, you’ll be fine.

The fp&a crew at my old job used HFM, and during my reluctant month-long stint with them, I used it a little bit. Basically, it’s just a database that stores all of your budget / forecast / actual / upside / downside / etc. scenarios.

We had an add-on in excel that pulled the info into whatever format we wanted. So, you just type in a long-ass formula, hit refresh and you’re good to go.

We had a guy who was dedicated to all of the coding, uploading inputs, creating templates, etc. That part seemed like it sucked, but I’m not a coder, so I’m not sure exactly went into that. I think the worst part for him was that we were still using an extremely outdated version of it. Hyperion actually stopped supporting it, since it was so old. So, it crashed a lot and caused problems at bad times.

Ouch hah. Well I’m no coder so I’m not too concerned about that. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what its like. At least its (more) relevant to work experience than my current role!

Yup, it’s just a database tool for storing financial information.

Front-ends into Excel so that you can model with the information stored in the system.