Hyperlink to purchase AIMR's CFA Level 2's Books?

Where can I find a Hyperlink to purchase AIMR’s CFA Level 2’s Books? I visited AIMR’s website, and this website is very meandering. I’m not able to find the books associated with taking the Level II for June 2008. Where can I purchase these books? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year '08!

Look again: http://www.cfainstitute.com/cfaprog/index.html The books are sent to you when you enroll.

Hello and thanks for your insight. However, I looked at that hyperlink, and I filled out the forms indicating that i’m taking the CFA II in June '08. This will cost me $688. However, I didn’t see any information oni the books being included with this fee. Also, when I enrolled in the program last year for CFA II, they didn’t send me out any books. So are you saying that *after* I enroll in the CFA II exam, then I have the *OPTION* to buy the set of books?

For 2008, all books are included in the price of registration. You’ll notice that there is an increase in the fee over last year…that’s why. Books will automatically be sent to you.


Dude … when did you say you took level 2?? was it 5 yrs ago? AIMR changed its name to the CFA Institute … oh I don’t know, 3, 4 yrs ago. Also and just as an FYI, this is the first year that the “purchase” of the study material is included in your “registration” fee, hence the reason of the fees being higher compared to prior years. Having said that, you will not find a “link” or option that will allow you to purchase the books separately, this is already included or bundled (if you may) in your registration. Good luck.

At least boston_level2_candidate is asking now and not in May!

It took me a while to get that they send the books with the registration. It should have been more clear.

Last questions… 1. Are these the same 6-books set that they gave out last year, just updated? 2. Why do you think that they are throwing in the books for free? 3. Do you intend to buy another set? In a way, the books themselves are worth a *LOT* of money, and they are rich in knowledge.

Let me ask you this … why do you think the “fees” almost doubled compared to last year?