Hypothesis testing--is chi square important

This chapter on Hypothesis testing is making me climb the walls! Are there going to be any questions requiring use of the t, f, z, tables or can one skip the entire lot safely??? What kind of calculations are necessary to understand and memorise for this section??

You don’t need to know the formulae cold but it will be a good idea to just understand the concepts and move on. Is there anywhere in the LOS where it was stated that you should calculate the chi-square stuff? It is more like demonstrate or discuss, if my memory serves me right. If in doubt, use the LOS as a guide to study.


me.tega is correct, you need to know how to calculate t z and f, but mostly interpret them. If you read the LOS say identify on half of the LOS’s in that chapter. Everything in there is fair game, if you make yourself a table its really not as bad as it seems.