Hypothesis Testing

I was reviewing the Hypothesis Testing section of my Schweser notes and in the exam focus blurb, in the beginning of the section it states, ‘don’t worry about memorizing the messy formulas on testing for the qualities and differences in mean and variances’. Can anyone shed any light on this. Is this true, or should I just memorize them anyway? Those formula’s are pretty messy, and would love not to have to memorize them. (Schweser, Book 1, Page 300). Thanks.

learn the basic formulas and understand the concepts behind them. For the test, you’re not going to need to remember the messy formulas. From what I remember, most of the questions regarding hypothesis testing were conceptual. In fact, the majority of the entire test was conceptual. The practice problems will help reinforce your understanding, but you won’t use your calculator as much as you’d think during the test.