Hypothetical Exam Rule Change

Say CFAI presents you on June 6 with another option for taking the exam. With this new option, you pass if you get 10% or less correct answers, i.e. you fail if you score more than 10%. Assume that CFAI designs the exam so that obvious wrong answers are out. Would you take this exam instead of the normal exam?

Sign your name. Start drinking.

Oooops… that’s a different problem. The correct problem asks you to score 70% or more *wrong* answers to pass. Would you then do that?

On the current format, you should be able to get less than 10% right if you tried. It seems that a minimal amount of studying always finds one answer that is way out there. If these were the rules though, CFAI could always make questions like a) $181,056 b) $181,097 c) $182,056 d) $182,097 and you are back in the same place.

I think you should take the new format in a hurry.